What are Stretch Ceilings?

A stretch ceiling is a finished product consisting of separate strips of PVC foil sewn together into a single canvas and cut to fit the dimension of a room taking into account holes for lamps, pipes, air grids, fire detectors etc.

The idea of fabric usage for ceiling decoration appeared a long time ago. However, the only appearance of a qualitative PVC film made possible the development and the price lowering of the technology for wide use.

In a not too distant past ceilings could only be plastered and painted. However, some ceilings can have a number of irregularities and not every plasterer is able to make a ceiling look smooth or even. This challenging job would require plenty of plaster, effort, money and time. Then you need to paint it the colour of your choice and if you ever experience a water leak then this could easily ruin your ceiling and you will have to start over again, so instead, why not consider a Stretch Ceiling.

Designed to be versatile, energy efficient and aesethetically pleasing, a stretch ceiling is a perfect solution between functionality and design.

From an eye catching feature down to a unique way to light a room, the design ideas of a Stretch Ceiling are practically unlimited and that is the indisputable advantage of the stretch ceiling installation. The stretch ceilings allow you to make interior decoration in any selected style from classic to high-tech.

Stretch ceilings provide an excellent alternative to any ceiling anywhere. Not only can they be applied to ceilings but they can also be applied to walls too!

The material of stretch ceilings fully conforms to the global and European safety standards.

At Aldwickbury Creative Surfaces we have a dedicated team of thirty staff from our in-house design service down to a fully trained team of fitters and installers to deliver your project to your specific requirements.

What are the different types of stretch ceilings we can offer?

  • Basic – this is one canvas that is attached to the perimeter of the room. It can be any shape or colour and comes with a variety of different lighting techniques. It has a long-term usage and we use environmentally friendly material. There is a huge selection of colours available.
  • Perforated – two canvases are fixed at a distance from each other. It can turn an otherwise blank ceiling into a modern decoration with a variety of different patterns.

You can choose an image from our catalogue or provide us with an image/pattern of your own.

  1. Multi Level – this is where the ceiling has more than two levels. This gives a wide range of design solutions in different colours, lighting and shapes. This could be used to divide the room into different zones and make a room look visibly larger. You can incorporate LED strip lighting to go around the profile or spotlights, which are built into the ceiling on the second level.
  2. Star Sky – A special projector is fixed behind the surface of the stretch ceiling and optical fibres are put into holes that are made in the canvas as a result, you can have hundreds of tiny lights twinkling simultaneously which creates an effect of a night sky.
  3. Art Print – Photo printing is a great way to decorate a ceiling and diversify any interior, which can look great in any room. Photo printing looks interesting and modern on a translucent material. An image is suitable for printing on a ceiling from 2 m2 up to15 m2.
  4. Multifacture – This is when a stretch ceiling is combined with a combination of colours as an alternative solution where a unique design is required. This can be straight or curved lines which can give a variety of ideas in any living space
  5. Lighting and Options – For a long time stretch ceilings were only a dense canvass of different colours. Lately, new translucent materials have revolutionised the design of the ceilings. This translucent technology combines ceilings and lighting at the same time. It allows us to experiment widely with different lighting to achieve unique interior solutions.Translucent canvases allow it to transmit light but are dense enough to hide any communication elements of the main ceiling. With a translucent ceiling you can create a really interesting interior with images from our library of pictures or you can supply your own.

We can offer a large range of spotlights and LED panels. For example, square LED panels is the best solution for ceilings in commercial buildings. This can look very classic with a white stretch ceiling.

There is also a spotlight that can work in two modes, one of them can be used as a decorative night light or the other one as basic lighting.  We also offer a wide range of high quality transformers for most LED strips. You can also dim the lighting independently from one another with a convenient touchpad.


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